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Don’t just settle for average when it comes to your retirement. You’ve worked hard all your life, and now’s the time to enjoy it. Just because you’ve got your finances in check, or so you think, and you’re living a happy retirement doesn’t mean that you don’t have concerns that sit rent-free in your mind.

You can reel off the list of worries in seconds: Inheritance Tax, the cost of care in later life, wanting to pass wealth down the generations, potential investment losses, and not achieving your financial goals to name a few.

That’s where we come in. We’ll change how you feel about your future, so you can live a fruitful retirement knowing you’ve got an informed financial adviser handling your finances.

How do we add value?

We asked our clients to tell us where we have added value and benefited their lives. They said:


Knowing that our money is being micromanaged while we enjoy our retirement

Everyone has a right to feel safe and secure, and that security comes from knowing that everything will be ok. That’s why we’re dedicated to doing what’s best for you. You can carry on doing what you love whilst we work away in the background.


Understanding the tools available to make the most of my financial position

We don’t throw around financial jargon. Our advisers talk in a way that makes it easy for you to understand what’s happening so you can make the right decisions. We want you to be able to ask us anything and we will do our utmost to share our knowledge with you.


Confidence in our investments even with changing markets

We don’t want you to be worrying about your investments as we’ve got everything in hand. In our recent survey, we asked clients an open-ended question: “What is the biggest benefit you get from working with us?”. We’re delighted that 17% of respondents spoke about the peace of mind we provide.

Common questions asked…

We never want you to feel like you’re alone. Our team brings a wealth of experience and can answer any worries you have, such as:

Do I have enough money to continue living this lifestyle?

What will happen if I need care in my old age?

Are my levels of investment returns in a good place?

Can I reduce my Inheritance Tax liabilities?

If you’ve got questions just like these, then you’re just one click away from a no-obligation meeting with our team.

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How our clients feel

In 2021, we asked our clients how they feel about the service they receive from us. This is what they told us.

The client journey

It all starts with us taking a step back and looking at how we can help you achieve what you want from life. We’re in this with you for the long term and take a holistic approach towards financial planning with a six-step process.

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