Your client journey

How we help

How will we help you achieve financial security for life?



Your journey begins with a “get to know you” session – we learn about you and you learn about us. It’s a two-way street. You’ll open up to us about your aspirations and goals, and it’s only after this that we decide if we can help you. We need to be sure that we’ll add value to your life. This initial consultation is free of charge.



Once you’ve made the decision to work with us, the next step will be an in-depth fact-finding meeting. You’ll need to come prepared as we dig deep into your finances, lifestyle and importantly, your short and long-term financial objectives. You’ll walk out feeling positive about the future.



This is when everything starts coming together. We’ve got the information we need from you, and we’ll go away and develop an initial financial strategy with your stated goals in mind. It involves an in-depth analysis of your current financial position, including existing pensions and other plans.



We’ll invite you back into our office for a meeting, or over Zoom if you prefer, and present the initial financial strategy to you. Any queries you have will be answered, and we promise there will be no financial jargon involved.



Your plan all comes together at this stage. Once we’ve agreed and finalised your financial strategy, we’ll implement it to the set timetable. You can then go away safely knowing that your financial future is secure and you’re on your way to achieving the goals and ambitions set out in the initial meetings.



We consider this stage to be the most important part. After the initial advice, we work with you over the long term to ensure that your money continues to work hard for you. Life doesn’t always go as expected, so we’ll adapt your plan to suit any changing circumstances.

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