Frequently asked questions

Where are meetings held?

These take place in our meeting room at the Brewood office. We have two meeting rooms with one being on the ground floor.

Do you have parking?

There is plenty of free parking available in the village. On Church Road, between the entrances to the churchyard, parking is free of charge for an unlimited time. In the main square, Market Place, parking is free for a maximum of two hours. There is also a free of charge car park behind the bakery, off Stafford Street.

The office does have a car park but it is shared with tenants of the adjoining businesses so space can’t always be guaranteed.

Do I have to pay for an initial meeting?

The initial, no-obligation meeting is free of charge. The purpose of this is to see whether we can help you.

What do I need to bring to an initial meeting?

You will need to bring income and expenditure details, assets and liabilities values, details of existing plans, if applicable, and two forms of ID.

How long should I allow for an initial meeting?

As a rule of thumb, it takes one hour but we’re not going to chuck people out the door if that time is exceeded!

Do I have to sign up to your services at an initial meeting?

No, this is a no-obligation meeting.

How can I book an initial meeting?

Please email, call 01902 851140 or use the enquiry form at the bottom of this page.

Are you independent?

Yes, we are fully independent in terms of the whole of the market and not restricted product-wise either.

Can you advise on Final Salary/Defined Benefit transfers?

No, and we never have. We have an arrangement in place with a trusted company to which we outsource.

What happens if my Financial Adviser is away on holiday?

You don’t just work with the adviser, you work with the whole team. We encourage client contact with admin staff and paraplanners, and other advisers in the business can help in the absence of your main adviser as we’re a small, close-knit team.

How do you charge for your services?

We charge an initial fee for the work undertaken and an ongoing fee for the ongoing advice service, designed to support you achieve your financial goals.

Do you take a percentage or are your fees fixed?

We do a mixture of the two. Initial fees for planning are based on the monetary value, subject to a minimum. Ongoing fees are also based according to the value of investments.

Do you get commission?

We only receive commission for life insurance, although clients can choose to pay a fee if preferred, which in turn may lower the premium. This will be agreed individually.

Do you charge VAT?

No, we do not charge VAT.

Getting in touch is easy

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